A couple of Ruby on Rails v1.2 gotchas

I recently upgraded a few projects to Rails v.1.2 and had a couple of issues arise.

Disappearing objects when dropped using drag and drop in Safari

For one project I use the drag and drop re-ordering provided by the Scriptaculous library. Not sure what did it, possibly even a Safari update, but only in Safari, once you let go of a dragged object, that object would disappear. It would come back when you refreshed the page and would have successfully triggered its intended action.

I did update my javascript files upon upgrading to v.1.2.1, but had not upon the upgrade to v1.2.2 since I wasn’t aware of any changes. I think the release of Scriptaculous on its actual site is newer (v1.7 right now) than that included in Rails so I updated my scripts and that solved the problem.

Model attributes not in the database were inaccessible

I wasn’t able to figure this one out, but was able to get around it. I have a model which has some methods to send/receive messages to a device. I had a

attr_accessor :last_response

which is an attribute that’s not in the database. It was simple a place to temporarily store the full message of the last response for use later on in the code. After the upgrade to v1.2.1 things were fine. However after updating to v.1.2.2, I started getting “Method not defined” errors. It seems like other people have hit this one, too.

My solution was simply to remove the property and change it to @last_response which worked for my limited use of it.

I’m still scratching my head though, since similar attributes work fine in other classes. The problem class, however, is unique in that instead of having ActiveRecord:Base as its parent, the actual parent is a generic class whose parent is ActiveRecord:Base.

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