Adhearsion: Click to Call

One of the most basic things you can do when you tie an application in with your phone system is implement click-to-call. You click a phone number on your web page, or within your application. It connects you to that phone number.

What the user experiences

From the user’s perspective within our application it goes down like this:
  1. Click a phone number link in the web page.
  2. In a few seconds your phone extension will ring.
  3. You pick it up and you’ll hear your phone number being dialed.
From that point on it’s just a normal phone conversation. You just didn’t have to dial the phone yourself.

What happens behind-the-scenes

You’re logged in, so the application (Nitro for us) knows who you are and you’re phone extension. This is what happens from the application’s point of view:
  1. It shoots an API call with the user info and phone number to our Talkbox (i.e. Adhearsion) server.
  2. The phone call is initated with Asterisk.
  3. The user’s phone extension is rung.
  4. As soon as the user picks it up, the outgoing phone call is initated.
That’s about it. All this assumes is that we have the user’s extension number stored properly in the database. This obviously isn’t much of a benefit if you’re away from your desk. It does alleviate issues with mis-dialed numbers and makes it a little less of a hassle for dialing when it’s an option.

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