ExpressionEngine 7.0 is out

Earlier this week ExpressionEngine 7.0 came out. I updated this site. Was really easy. However there's something I don't like.

They've changed licensing so that the free version is only available with a single user.

That means I won't be upgrading a few sites I help friends manage. While they are pretty much the sole user content-wise of the site, I still have a second admin account to handle updates. Now I can't have that unless they are willing to spend $199/year or share their password with me so we can use a single user account. Not likely to happen, or very secure.

This just helps confirm my desire to step away from ExpressionEngine although I've been a user and developer with it since v1.0.

So what is next? I'm still not sure. Still need to check into any new contenders out there.

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