How to get a good designer to do something within your budget

I overheard someone talking about not being able to find a designer to help them with a web project for less than a certain hourly rate. It’s not the hourly rate that matters, it’s the overall cost.

Here are some tips for getting a good designer to help you out regardless of cost:

  • It’s who you know. You need to get out and meet with designers. In the Dallas area, Refresh Dallas is a good venue for this. Sometimes designers need development work, too, so maybe you can sync up on something. Especially if you’re around a big city, there will be a similar group.
  • Better yet, work with good designers. If you do good work, they’ll remember and want to work with you more and give you some slack on price when you need it. They’ll recommend you to others, too.
  • Tell them what you’ve got to spend up front. They’ll tell you what they can do. It’s possible all you need is a one page template and if you ask them to simply design a site, that typically entails much more effort. Some of the better designers I know ask for a budget outright so they know what they can offer within the constraints.
  • If they can’t be of service, ask if they know anyone who could. Designers often know other designers.

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