My reasons for holding off installing IE7

Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer version 7 and while I’ve downloaded it, I’m not quite ready to go there. I suppose for now I’ll wait until my automatic update tells me I should.

I’ve read about toolbars not working and sites that use Ajax are slow. While I do think it’s strange that IE7 executes things slower than IE6, these aren’t really the issues that are preventing me from moving my IE7 install from a virtual machine over my primary IE6 install.

Here are my personal reasons for holding off

  • I use FireFox. Aside from development, I haven’t used IE as my primary browser in years. I use IE strictly for developing websites.
  • IE6 is not going away very soon and will continue to be more of a headache than IE7. IE7’s implementation of CSS has proved to be close enough to FireFox/Safari/Opera that I know I won’t spend much time on it. I’ll spend my time making things work in IE6. It’s just plain easier and faster to test in IE6 if it’s still the main IE on my machine.
  • My clients and their users aren’t going to rush out to upgrade. While smaller clients may upgrade, larger ones won’t be in such a hurry.
  • I cannot run IE6 and IE7 simultaneously on my machine without having one loaded in Virtual PC (or related virtual machine). I really think Microsoft makes things difficult for web developers by not making it straightforward to do this. Sure there are hacks to get them to both load, but I’ve tried these and just don’t trust them like I would a clean install.

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