The New MSDN Subscriptions

About 5 years ago now, while I was at the start of being a consultant all on my own, I purchased an MSDN Universal subscription. I went with that level because it was the only one that included the database schema integration with Visio, which I was using to architect databases.

For a consultant, the price tag is high, but you definitely get a lot for your money. It made it a lot easier when I bought it from Vio Software which was recommended by a .NET trainer from a class I was in at the time.

This year, Microsoft updated their MSDN subscription offerings. If you had a Univeral subscription, you could choose between their 3 Team Systems: Architects, Developers or Testers.

Looking over the information, I found that what I really wanted was actually in the middle of the Architect and Developer editions. There were features of both I wanted, but I couldn’t choose both.

I had made the decision to go with the Developer version since it seemed better suited to an individual developer. When I went to Vio Software to place my order, I could only find 2-year subscription renewals. A pre-requisite for these was that you had to renew an existing 2-year subscription.

When I asked about the availability, I was told that since Microsoft restructured their plans, they no longer offered what I wanted through third party resellers.

Since this made the Team Systems more expensive for me, I finally decided to downgrade to the Professional version. I felt like I was backed into a corner and forced to choose between way too much or not quite enough, so I chose the lesser of the two, if nothing else, to avoid having my subscription lapse and having to pay the updated, very high prices for a new subscription.

Picture of High on Microsoft
I think this is a case of Microsoft snorting their own Jello shots,
or smoking their own weed, or shoveling their own shit; whatever it is
the Xtreme kids are doing these days.

You don’t need one MSDN
copy that has everything, because it’s all about Teams now, man! You
get one version and your Teammates get the others. Now everyone’s happy!

wait. You don’t have a Team? Well, then, you’re doing something wrong.
Solo development is no longer supported. You have expired. Please
delete all copies of yourself.
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