Vista Home Premium and a New Gaming PC

I couldn’t wait so I got all the bits and pieces for a new gaming PC and they all arrived the end of last week. It actually went together quicker than I thought it would, so I was left trying to decide if I wanted XP or Vista on it. Considering I have an MSDN subscription with Microsoft and have licenses for Vista already, I decided to download the latest ISO images and install the Home Premium version.

It seems fine now, but here are some of the issues I’ve run into:

Vista would not install on an unformatted disk

I kept getting an exception error when the installer was trying to load. Some research indicated that a lot of people have run into the same thing. In some cases it was a bad DVD or CD burn, but in others, the solution was to run through the Windows XP install far enough to format the hard drive. So after doing a base install of XP Home, I booted up with the Vista DVD I created and the installation process went through.

Video Drivers

nVidia’s drivers for Vista are still in beta, so I had to download those to get the full benefits of my new graphics card. It’s unknown whether or not the drivers will be out of beta when Vista hits the stores. I have seen what I’ll call weird video events when the screen switches modes for games and sometimes when launching apps, so it’s not quite finished baking yet.

I Allow…

Uggghhh. I’m already tired of getting asked to Deny/Allow any little thing that happens. I can understand it from a security standpoint, but having experienced similar permission prompts on Mac and Linux, Vista’s prompts seem excessive.

World of Warcraft Updates

I’ve been able to install a few games, Doom 3, Half-Life 2 Eps. 1 and World of Warcraft. All are working great. However, I did run into one issue patching World of Warcraft, but was able to quickly find a solution on their forums. One of the patches (not all of them) would bomb out at the end and not get applied. It made a change to the Start Menu links for the game which Vista did not like and since Vista didn’t prompt me to allow it, the patch would not install. The solution was to manually apply the patch by right clicking the patch executable and selecting “Run as administrator”.


Everything else seems to be fine but I’m not doing anything but playing games so far. This won’t be a development machine, but I can at least use it for IE7 testing since I still want to keep IE6 on my work notebook as long as possible for easier testing.

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