Our Journey from Rails v1 to v5

New post up over at my personal blog: [url=https://www.wadewinningham.com/2018/03/30/our-journey-from-rails-v1-to-v5/]https://www.wadewinningham.com/2018/03/30/our-journey-from-rails-v1-to-v5/[/url]

Exciting work at a Boring-Sounding Place

New post up over at my personal blog: [url=https://www.wadewinningham.com/2018/02/28/exciting-work-at-a-boring-sounding-place/]https://www.wadewinningham.com/2018/02/28/exciting-work-at-a-boring-sounding-place/[/url]

Together, we create

I’m going to be writing more posts over at [url=https://www.wadewinningham.com]https://www.wadewinningham.com[/url].

First up is [url=https://www.wadewinningham.com/2018/01/16/together-we-create/]https://www.wadewinningham.com/2018/01/16/together-we-create/[/url]

While I’ll do some quick posts here to direct people I’ll eventually just have this site likely redirect over there at some point.

Power Home Remodeling Group in Fortune Magazine

Since the end of 2007, I've done most of my work for Power Home Remodeling Group. Creating the application that runs just about their entire business, Nitro. Fortune Magazine just named them the #1 Best Workplace for Millennials. Our core development team is just a few people. We want more. If you want to be challenged. Are a UX/UI person, Ruby on Rails developer, Front-End developer, even interested in technical support, let me know. [url=https://fortune.com/2015/06/23/power-home-remodeling-millennias/]https://fortune.com/2015/06/23/power-home-remodeling-millennias/[/url]

RethinkDB is production ready

​I’ve been following the development of RethinkDB since I first heard about it a few years ago. My excitement over it has only grown over time. RethinkDB is an open source database that fits somewhere between a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL and newer schema-less databases like MongoDB. However, it’s got a few things I don’t think any other database has.

RethinkDB pushes results to your app in real time

Typically, you’d need a separate Publish-Subscribe system in place to do this. With RethinkDB, you can start a query and request to get changes. Your app will automatically receive any changed data related to your query after that. If you want something that’s closer to current Publish-Subscribe methods, RethinkDB has you covered there, too, with their repubsub library.

It’s insanely easy to cluster

This is right from their docs.
First, start RethinkDB on the first machine:
$ rethinkdb --bind all
Then start RethinkDB on the second machine:
$ rethinkdb --join IP_OF_FIRST_MACHINE:29015 --bind all
You now have a RethinkDB cluster!
That’s it.

RethinkDB’s web-based console is beautiful

RethinkDB comes with web-based console that most IT departments will want to display on the wall.
Read the official announcement at Rethink’s blog.

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